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On Kisekae, Preferences, Fetishes, and Etiquette
*passive-aggressively whispers SHOUTS from the sidelines*
I'm writing this journal for my own emotional wellbeing and saving it as a draft. I don't know if I'll ever publish it, but if you're reading this it's because I'm sick of watching it happen. 
So let's talk about some things. First of all:
This is not a debatable topic. I'm not writing this as a discussion topic. I'm not looking for an argument. I'm not looking for explanations, justifications, or excuses. And I am not going to put up with it if you try.

On Kisekae
    Kisekae is a dress-up doll game with full nudity, full customization, and full erotic function. This is a fact. Kisekae was and is an erotic gameYou may not use Kisekae for anything even remotely erotic, and that's fine, but this does not make you morally superior or 'better' of a person than people who do use Kis
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Naruto tg x Team7 by JMichaelReyes Naruto tg x Team7 :iconjmichaelreyes:JMichaelReyes 61 0


Also sorry for making such a huge unnecessarily detailed sign.
I don't want my stuff on Youtube.
I ask all of you to kindly remove any videos you have with my stuff in it from youtube.
I understand that there is practically nothing I can do to prevent people from spreading my work how they feel so I am applying to your kindness as human beings to respect my decision.
If you see a video made of my stuff somewhere please urge them to take it down and point them to this journal.
I don't care where else you post my shit, ehentai or tumblr or chans or whatever. Youtube is just a whole new layer of normies that I don't want to have any association with my work.
I ask for your cooperation to help me with this one.
Thank you.
You can use the donation button to pay for your commission! Just include who it is from so I will know. Thank you~
:iconkipteitei:KipTeiTei 10 121
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Dynamic Dancer
United Kingdom
I am the 50 shades of Black to the 50 shades of Grey.

Current Residence: The world that never was
deviantWEAR sizing preference: tiny
Print preference: shiny
Favourite genre of music: Transcendent
Favourite photographer: Zhang He
Favourite style of art: Transformation
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: Outrifire 3000
Shell of choice: Bright ones
Wallpaper of choice: Pink ones
Skin of choice: Don't be racist
Favourite cartoon character: Hisoka (HxH)
Personal Quote: Power is everything


Journal History

Been having a bit too much with AA2 I have to say and there have been a lot of yuri releases on steam recently like Starlight vega and there was a massive sale on anime related games so I have come back late. Finally been some more news on Persona 5 which unfortunately led to waifu wars on the forums but its great to get to see more of it.

I finally finished the designs of the characters so just need to get around to writing up the story which is actually the hardest part for me these days as I spend day after day typing and typing that when I get back home I just want to relax. I still can't give a date even though I have sorted out my problems we in Britain are about to get into a world changing event so I will be involved in that for the next 6 weeks. I will still come one when I can.

Onto the Latest updates for MBB

-The latest case was a lot of fun and really well made I really enjoyed it but it does go to show that Ethan really isn't going to be a serious relationship choice but more based on pure lust. Considering that Max is normally captain oblivious with the other 4 love interests means that the direct approach is the only way that will make Max realise their intentions.
- Ethan did impress though how he easily brushes off Heather the sister of Max to make it clear that he is far more attracted to Max than her and is determined to pursue her. I still think he is a little selfish with his relentless pursuit and not very considerate to how Max is fairly vunerable right now. Which is why I prefer Brad to Ethan still as an interest. However it was great he got more screen time as he was really lacking compared to the other 4 so it was great to see some balance.
- Now with the more recent updates Holly went a bit down in my opinion after she takes more pleasure from Max's looks rather than her company. It was a bit harsh she spent more time with Heather than Max.
-Heather for some reason preferred Pandarai over the gorgeous Victoria which seemed a bit crazy to me because I certainly wouldn't but Victoria certainly needs a more romantic scene with Max as while her scenes are interesting I am just not seeing the spark between this pairing compared to the other 4.
-Ember however was great with both her scenes apart from Max going a little too far with being oblivious as Ember couldn't make it more obvious that she was into Max by spelling it out to her. However Max didn't get it which kind of proves that Ember is going to have to go full Ethan on Max for her to notice.
-With Brad it shows they are slowly moving out of the friend zone as Brad is moved closer to Max due to his hatred of Ethan making me ship Bonnie and Ethan purely for laughs. While Max is moved closer to Brad due to Heather's effect on Brad and it is for similar reasons as well. Brad has a history of losing people close to Ethan due to his playboy antics while Max has a history of losing both friends and potential girlfriends to Heather and made his life harder.
-Regarding the overall plot there is progress finally being made and the new character a scientist and I hope she gets more screen time as she was pure awesome. However while the marbles have been explained scientifically something still isn't quite right about them because they are far more complicated than anything currently availible on the market. We could be seeing a certain succubus behind of all of this. Also next update is the anime convention so I am pretty excited for it.

Hope everyone is well and that the presidential election isn't stressing my American friends out too much. Another world changing event so it can't be helped it gets that much attention.



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goldwyn11 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016
Howdy there, hope you're doing well :D
The-TF-Trickster Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2016
Hey FG i haven't heard from you in a while but i felt like messaging you, mostly because i'd like to say i missed your presence but also that there's a fate game coming out called fate extella with 16 different servants introduced from fate/zero, fate/stay night, fate extra and two new ones one is a saber class the other a caster they where both made for that game and i'ts in the playstyle of DW/SW so i'm sure you'd enjoy it.

here's a link to the playlist if you want to see gameplay and such…
mambasnake Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2016
Hi do you know any good NL TG stories? 
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Sorry for the interruption I'm happen to be a passebyer trying to look around for inspiriation and learn new ways of communicating with other members of deviantart.
Now I feel very kind and I want to offer some of that kindness to others so that they can feel appreciated and also feel that there are people out there that to support you despite your level of artistery.
And I gotta say, you certainly got a nice page there, don't mind me if I'm strolling around your page and taking a look-around. Since you do offer a unique style that I do enjoy. It's very astonishing and uplifting as well. In some cases, I would consider it even greater than mine. :D
goldwyn11 Featured By Owner May 7, 2016
It's been awhile, I hope that you're doing all right ^^
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heeey do you know kisekae-inn? it's the 2º greater group about kisekae! we have space for lots of TG, Bimbo and stuff like that~

if you want... just go on XD
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